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Punk, made in Italy, décollage, tech, 3D scanning, craftsmanship, 3D printing and jewellery?   WTF?!

How are we matching all these things?

Easy: we don’t care about rules, standard production methods, or boring off-the-shelf merchandising.

No limits to your style. Build it freely with our tools: our tech and art let you mix and rip the world to shreds to create a unique punk décollage in 3D. Our mission is to help you create your own authentic style: 100% made in Italy, high quality metals to make you shine, outstanding design and extreme customization.

Our products are made by artists with years of experience in 3D modelling and in the “art of making solid things from digital files”, as we call it. We lived through the revolution of the Internet of Things. It all started with coding and electronics, and then moved into 3D printing. We fell in love: it gave us the freedom to mix modern and classic techniques without limits or filters. Now everything is a tool, everything is possible, everything is fun and play.

No more rules. Tech and art, 3D printing and metal casting, 3D scans and sculpting: this is what we use to mould your dreams. Mix all these elements together and enjoy. The result will be unique, guaranteed!

Nature is imperfect, reality is imperfect, but true. No selling out here. Every imperfection of the elements you selected is protected and helps us to create unique pieces: the cracks and details of your personal décollage are treated as values in the design phase. Then the tech makes way for traditional jewellery, where handmade casting and polishing adds another layer of uniqueness, creating a slightly different result every time. It is thanks to these differences that even our standard designs become one-of-a-kind pieces.

Forget about mass produced and unoriginal machine-optimized jewellery.

We don’t do common. 

We love imperfections, cracks, rips, spots, extreme customization… everything that makes the creations we make (and you wear) unique.

We rip the world to shreds, we offer you a décollage of 3D elements to wear.

Punk is not dead, fella!

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