Gio, Sicilian proud on birthday charm

Your design for your special birthday

Going fully custom to celebrate the special birthday is pretty easy with our care. You give the idea and we put the rest to make your day precious.

Gio wanted to give a special memory to everyone is invited to the 50th birthday party. So many people makes 18th, 30th, 50th gifts to friends to remember the special day, but Gio was not happy with little stock products that could be not so unique.

She encountered our profile and asked for a special precious memory, the thing we cam provide best. She was involved in every step of the production process, she gave the idea and a simple sketch. In days we managed to transform the idea in a real jewel proposal with hand drawn sketches and a file to explain the unique parts. She is very proud of her island, Sicily, and we provided some symbols in the design: Palermo’s ceramics, fruits, wheat, a symbol of the island all laid on black lava rock.

Still not enough, so Gio putted is our sign on the medal… litteraly, we can retrace your hand write with precision and engrave it on our products. Gio was super happy to show this piece of art as memory of the birthday and we started right away the real production process with our artisans to deliver a solid piece of metal to remember the big achievement of her life. Stay Sicilian, stay punk and be unique with your style delivered directly to your door steps.