Sky and Ground wedding rings

We can go romantic and build your special day rings!

We can build your dream custom wedding rings!
A couple has a lot to say and standard gold band with sad date/name engraving sometimes are not enough.

You have a sentence with your beloved one that is your whole world. It is the story of this couple: simbols and a sentence that express them engraved on their custom wedding ring.

We started the project with an idea, then Sky and Ground provided the sketch of the simbol and the sentence that they wanted on their wedding ring.

Let’s start create the new style, break apart things and make your custom wedding rings unique. Now we can do our job.

First idea was: fonts sucks! No premade font can convey the right spirit of love and uniqueness! So just use your handwriting, that would be unique.

And make a gift to you beloved: break in 2 the sentence, write it down on paper. You can write to honey the piece that he or she represent. And them went like “Is even that possible?” of course yes if you don’t care about rules!

“Come in cielo…” as in the skies “…così in terra” so (be) on ground. Not happy yet? No problem!

The sentence will be in 3D overlay on the ring and there will be more!

Choose the material, get it done as you want. Make that a double material and the band of the ring will be a frame for the plate with symbols and sentence. White and red balancing the composition and everyday you will have the good words of your beloved one. No standard font, no standard symbols, the piece is unique, every letter is unique written by yourself on your special wedding rings.

They have a special day in life, Sky and Ground are man and wife now, they make it double special with a unique precious memory of their custom wedding rings that will be with them everyday.